Python thread start error

I’m using a ConnectPortX8 to access 3 DIGI sensors (Watchport/T, Watchport/D and Watchport LTH). For each sensor I send a telnet request to ConnectPortX8 to run the relative python script. I have a Python error if I try to run those script simultaneously (Unable to start thread for the script).
Do you have some idea?
The python version is 2.4.3.

Copying in the error message would be a good first step… or at least a more detailed description of how you attempt to invoke the scripts. Without that, it would be shooting in the dark, I feel.

I hope we can help!

You may also wish to consider trying the iDigi Dia, an application framework which runs on your ConnectPort X gateway, as an alternative to accessing your Digi XBee-based sensors.

Have a look at:


(see the link Download the Current iDigi Dia and the Getting Started Guide for more information)


Excuse me, you’re right.

The error message is “Unable to start the interpreter thread”.
I’ve attached the scripts I try to run.
Each script expects the XBee Adapter MAC Address as first argument

I assume this is related to your running out of memory (as mentioned in your other forum post). If I am not mistaken, the very first run of any python script causes Python to “load” and remain active until reboot. So it is not running as three tasks (as would be true on a Linux system), instead you are feeding the same three scripts repeatedly into the same Python instance and it is creating a lot of memory allocations.

If the X8 has no more memory, then trying to run a new script will fail due to not enough free memory.

I also have to say, in my opinion this is a very bad application design. The X8 is not a Windows or Linux box, so while this design might work on a PC I won’t place any value on enabling the X8 to work like this. Why not just make a fourth script which loops and calls these three every 10 seconds?

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Ok, I could run a script which loops and internally calls the other 3 scripts. In this way, this script could store in 3 variables the values returned by the 3 scripts called.
But how can I access those variables from a remote PC without calling a new python script repeatedly?
Could you give me an example?