Question about AnywhereUSB/5

Hello, sorry for my english.
I have some questions about AnywhereUSB/5.
For example, I have two PC, one AnywhereUSB/5 and one flash-card. I installed all drivers to PC1 and PC2, but when i attach flash card only one pc can use this card (only the first pc which first connected).

  1. PC1 can use flash and PC2 can’t use it
  2. PC2 can use flash and PC1 can’t use it

How can I solve this problem, could two computers use one flash together in one moment ?


The AnywhereUSB/5 connects to one PC at a time. If PC1 is connected to the AnywhereUSB, then only PC1 can use the flash card. In order for PC2 to use the flash card, PC1 needs to disconnect from the AnywhereUSB first.

what about other models of AnywhereUSB ? can they connect 2 pc together ?

Please review this KB article for details: