Question about Xbee S3B

Hi all,

Along with greeting everyone;

I’m working with radios, and I’m trying to put together a sensor network, a repeater, and a gateway. It should be noted that all sensors have a sleep mode and every 10 minutes they wake up to send a message. The repeater and the gateway are always powered.

My problem is that the sensors (which have an Xbee S3B radio), when I try to communicate with the gateway through the repeater, sometimes try to connect directly with the gateway and I lose data packets, even worsening the signal.

My question is if there is any way to configure in XCTU, so that the sensors connect by themselves with the repeater and then, this is in charge of sending the message to the gateway.

Thanks in advance.


No, there is no way to do that. This is a true mesh system where the sleeping node will try to send direct if it is possible.