Question to file * _v.c (variable theResult)

I have a problem with the pointer theResult. For example: theResult = sting. If my Sting larger than 8k-byte, my application does not work anymore. Has anyone an idea where the cause is?

There’s a limit of around 8K in AWS for a ‘normal’ computed web page - not sure whether its the complete page, or an individual variable (typically an RpDisplayText type)
Above this you have to use an tag, and manage the buffering process yourself.

This was missed out of earlier versions of the AWS manual; there’s an app note or something that Digi produced which documents it.


If I understand your question, you might be hitting the 8k page limit of the web server. Take a look at this doc and let me know if it helps.


Thank you for your answers! The problem no longer exists! Marcus

I have the pdf from Digi (appnote_largewebpage.pdf) that describes RpBufferDisplay however it doesn’t really go into any depth.

It would be nice