Request Too Large error

I designed a web page that is accommodating huge number of text boxes. while submitting the page,“Request Too Large” error is coming. It says,"the internal work buffer size is 4096 bytes.the post request size is 10221 bytes."How to resolve this problem?How can I increase the buffer size?
I’m working on Net+OS Digi Connect ME environment. working on Advanced Web Server project.

Any help would be appreciated.



Digi write an application note on serving pages whose size is > 8K. You can access it in two ways as follows:

or go to the support page of the web page
select documentation
select for example NS9360 (this app note is processor agnostic)
select any speed
select any version try V6.3
About 1/2 down the page you’ll see OS specific documentation title

Below that is a continued list of app notes. I believe it is the second on in the list. Entitled Advanced web server serving pages containing more than 8K bytes of page data

I hope this helps you.

Thanks for your inputs. I don’t have any tags like “RpDisplay Text” in my page. I have Text edit boxes with tags “RpFormInput”. what I need to do in this case to make my page working?



I checked out Digi's web site and found the following patch for the web sever:


Request too large error when posting data using Advanced Web Server

Case: 19719

Date fixed: 11/06/06


Posts larger than 4K bytes would generate a “Request too large” error.
The internal work buffer size was set at 4096 bytes.


Added http_buffer_size in HS_SERVER_PARAMETER, and made kHttpWorkSize
variable instead of constant. This kHttpWorkSizeis used for POST data and its size may be
specified by the user. The fHttpWorkBuffer and fCurrentItemValue in the rpHttpRequest will be
allocated with the kHttpWorkSize size during initialization.

This certainly sounds as though it “matches” your symption. You’ll need to go to the site and the support tab. I am assuming you know how to get patches from there.

One thing to be mindful of, the web server patch also requires an SSL library patch. That patch may also require a tcp/ip library patch. It is quite important that you read the entire posting to know what additional patches any of the required patches require. Missing required patches has been known to cause (hard to diagnose) system crashes.

I hope this helps

Thanks for your help. I tried in other way and succeeded, Here is what I did:
I increased the values of HS_SERVER_PARAMETER structure parameters, Server_thread_sysstack and http_buffer_size from 4KB to 16 Kb and tested. Its working well. Thanks for all your help.