Rabbit memory on RCM6700

Tried to run the sample code C:\DCRABBIT_10.72D\Samples\I2C\I2C_24LC16.C
Successfully run without changing anything.
Then modified the buffer size read_string[] to 10000 bytes.
The Rabbit is halted and got the error “While Debugging: Timeout while waiting for response from target”.
Change the read_string[] buffer size to 8000. It is working without issue.
Can you suggest reason/solution of this issue?

As mentioned in your other question, you’re overflowing the stack. Declare read_string as static, or move it out of main().

I think that in typical operation you would read data from the EEPROM in chunks. Then process each chunk before reading from the next address.

In that sample, the 24LC16 only has 2048 bytes, so there really isn’t a point in allocating 8000 bytes to read_string.