Questions about rabbitlink with FS2

The issue is that I need program remotely some rabbits RCM3200, I want make it with rabbitlink card, but when I run my program on Dynamic C and this show me the STDIO screen shows nothing and occurs the next error “While Debugging: Timeout while waiting for response from target”. This occurs only when I use the FS2 library.

That is my code for charge data in the flash memory:

#define XMEM_RESERVE_SIZE 0x40960L

#use “FS2.LIB”



I’m using dynamic C 9.62 with the next setting for the programmer

Type connection: Use TCP/IP connection - Rabbitlink
BIOS memory setting: Code and BIOS in flash
Enable separate instruction an data space
Default compile mode: Compile to attached target
Board selection:RCM3200

And a rabbitlink with console version 2.0

Thanks beforehand, sorry for my bad English