Rabbit webserver captive portal client redirection

Hi, I’m trying to automatically provide a wireless client device with a webpage hosted on a rcm5600W. Essentially I want the client to be able to detect my SSID. Connect, open a browser and see my page.

I can’t use an infrastructure approach, so no routers, just direct wifi adhoc network.

I’ve setup an adhoc network, and I can display a webpage but I’ve only been able to do this if I used a static ip for client and server.

The client will not always know the static IP, so my thought process is to try and implement a dhcp server on the rabbit, and give the client an ip. The next step would be to redirect the client using some sort of captive portal or custom login screen. I think this means I need a dns server on the rabbit too. Does anyone have ideas how to do this? Are there features or libraries in Dynamic C or third party that would help me with this?

Thank you for your time and assistance. I appreciate any ideas, advice or comments.