RabbitSys - rcm33xx.lib - RCM3365

Dynamic C 9.50
RabbitWeb 1.03
RabbitSys 01.02
RabbitNet ver. ?
RCM3365 with Prototyping board.

Having compiler warnings and errors with RabbitSys where the programs before would work without RabbitSys. With RabbitSys using any demonstration program or self written program having brdInit(); and #use rcm33xx.lib included get these compiler warning and error messages.

line 703 : WARNING RCM33XX.LIB : Reference to ‘_sys_setauxio’ has no corresponding prototype.
line 703 : ERROR RCM33XX.LIB : Undefined (but used) global label _sys_setauxio

Open rcm33xx.lib in the C:\DCRabbit_9.50\Samples\RCM3300\ directory. Find and comment out the below portion of the library as shown:

/// #if _USER
/// _sys_setauxio(1);
/// #else
WrPortI(SPCR, &SPCRShadow, 0x8c); //Enables Auxiliary i/o bus
/// #endif

SAVE as a .LIB in a different name - C:\DCRabbit_9.50\Lib\RCM3300\rcm3365.lib for example.  And also edit file C:\DCRabbit_9.50\lib.dir to add new library file location and name. Then replace #use rcm33xx.lib with rcm3365.lib in your programs.  Since I am an amateur programmer there may be unintended consequences and errors I do not know about.  But the examples for the prototyping board with RabbitSys now work for me.

Note: If you search online at
http://www.rabbitsemiconductor.com/documentation/docs/manuals/RabbitSys/ specifically for _sys_setauxio you will see referenced RabbitSys 1.03 but I have been told this is vaporware and RabbitSys development has been halted.