Radio keeps sending / receiving garbage

I am new to using the Xbee modules. I picked up two to test. At 9600 baud, one keeps sending garbage, which on the receiving radio (in hyperterminal) shows up as a continuous stream of what appears to be double Unicode characters. Is this likely a hardware issue with the module or can I “reflash” the radios?



Are these new units, or could they have settings left there by a previous user?

For instance, a previous user could have set one to transmit digital/analog samples at regular intervals. That could be the source of the “garbage” you’re seeing.

You could try using X-CTU to reset the modems to their default settings with the RE command (followed by WR to save the settings to flash). Then see whether the garbage persists (it shouldn’t).


Thank you! A reset did the trick. I thought I had reset it through X-CTU but I guess not. The two AT Commands did the trick!!!