XCTU receiving bytes non stop after opening serial - xbee s1

Hey guys,

I’m new to using xbee s1. The problem I am facing, after I have registered xbee and go to console in xctu.

I open a serial connection and receive this in the log:

) N~
ƒ ) N~
ƒ * M~
ƒ * M~
ƒ * M~
ƒ * M~
ƒ ) N~
ƒ ) N~
ƒ ) N~

non stop. it keeps on going.

This only happens on one of the two modules i have.

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advanced


Either you are receiving data from someone else or you need to reload the radios firmware.

I would suggest starting by using the Restore function in XCTU to restore the firmware to defaults and see if that resolves it or not. If not, then I would change the CH value and verify that you are still having the issue. If you are still having the issue, I would then use the XBee recovery function to re-write the firmware to the radio.

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I followed those instructions and it didn’t work at first.

Then I noticed it the fault only happened when I had the other module plugged in.

So I repeated the factory reset on the second module and now the first one isn’t receiving the garbage anymore.

All is well.

Thanks for the help!