Real time quadcopter controlling, xbee S2B Pro


We are a couple of students that are using two xBees s2b pro for a school project, we’re building a quadcopter. We want to transmit one byte of data between them 50 times/second. It is very important that the packet arrives in a steady stream with the same time difference as they were sent. If a packet get lost we do not want to wait and re-send it.

My current configuration is, one xbee’s function set is Zigbee Coordinator AT and the other is Zigbee Router AT. I’ve noticed that some times there is a long gap between the arrival of the packets which is very bad for our application.

So my question is, how do I set up a reliable link between them that are suitable for controlling a quad in real time?

Best regards / Christoffer

This is a duplicate of this question which has already been answered.