RealPort COM/TTY port redirection software for LabVIEW Real-Time Module ETS

The DIGI ethernet interface that Xantrex has for it’s instruments is not VX-11 compliant (VXI-11 is the industry standard ethernet protocol for test and measurement instruments). But I am able to test it using a VISA TCP/IP resource “TCPIP::” but not communicate.

I know that the Xantrex PS is VISA compliant for GPIB and Serial. Xantrex gets it’s ethernet interfaces from Digi’s One Family Single-Port Serial to Ethernet Connectivity I believe. I need your help because we are using the LabVIEW Real-Time Module ETS platform (beleive they use Pharlab or QNX and the RTOS); on windows referencing this virtual COM port works fine but I am not sure what settings their s/w does to make it work under windows. I need to do the same on LabVIEW Real-Time.

Has anybody come across this before. I appreciate your help.

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Is there a dll in the windows system directory that does this port redirection? If so, then I can cope that dll in the RTOSes system dir and see how it goes. In the past copying dlls has worked but I am not sure how the OS influences this or what kind of jitter will it bring to the RTOSes performance.

If this is of any help…

Xantrex ENET
Current Firmware: Version 82000923_A 11/24/2003
Current Boot/POST: release_82000924_A