Reboot Rabbit using connectprg vs. Digi Discovery

I have Rabbit BLS4160 program that supports ADDP protocol so that devices can be discovered and rebooted using Digi Discovery utility using special password.
I would like to use command line utility (and batch file) connectprg.exe to reboot devices with command:
connect prg /reboot /mac=mymac /password=mypass
The utility reports success but the device does not reboot
(unlike Digi Discovery).
command connectprg /discover works correctly.

What is the difference between Digi Discovery and connectprg with reboot ? Do I have to specify certain user name that is built in in Digi Discovery ?
Any suggestions ?

I have no idea what connectprg.exe is. Please explain.

The ADDP.lib library contains a UDP-based daemon that will listen for requests from an ADDP client
such as the Digi Device Discovery utility included in the Utilities\ADDP directory of your Dynamic C
installation. The Discovery utility runs on a Windows PC and can discover ADDP-enabled devices on the
local network and modify their network configuration (with the appropriate password).
The sample program Samples cpip\addp.c demonstrates using the Discovery utility to remotely configure
a device that can store its network configuration in the UserBlock (non-volatile storage), and then use that
stored configuration at startup to configure the network interface.

connectprog.exe is Digi utility that is found here:

I would like to do batch reboot or programmatic reboot to Rabbit, so any working command line utility is needed.
Digi Discovery utility is working as expected.

Have you tried using Wireshark to look at the packets in each case and see if you can spot a difference between the two programs in terms of what is sent?

Hello, It seems like the connectprg.exe is only for the digi connect family products but not for the Rabbit products.
So to the best of my knowledge , you can use only the addp to reboot the board.