Recovering disabled network servicers for Connect ME

Im hoping someone can help me.

I have a device with an embedded Connect ME module. I was having some ethernet latency times (seeing occasional 200-300ms delays between when the digi module received the data, and when the data was seen on the host/ethernet side)

In an attempt to eliminate possible overhead, using the Connect-ME’s internal web server page, I went to the advanced network services page and disabled all network services except ADDP, as a test.

Unfortunately, now that the web server is disabled, I cant re-enable these services (duh on my part)

Still, Im thinking that Digi surely has a way to recover and speak to the digi module again and re-enable the web server once you disabled it. Im assuming it isnt “if you disable it, it will be FOREVER” - without some sort of “are you sure?” dialog box(?)

If anyone knows how to re-enable the web server, I would be extremely happy.

I am leaving to go to a customer site in about 36 hours (Sunday morning 9AM Jul 9th) and need to either recover this exlink module or completely dissassemble the device and get someone to replace the module (extremely messy)

My email if someone would like to help, is


Provided you have a “-S” Connect ME, You should reset the device to factory default by booting the device up with pin #20 pulled to ground. Wait for the 1-5-1 blink code then release the grounded pin and allow the device to complete rebooting normally.