Recurrent 3110 Bit failure

I have been having a problem with bits failing on the 3110 module.

Ive been using this module for a few years, and we have not seen many failures. All of a sudden I have seen 15+ failures all on one port. . .Specifically bits PD6 and PD7.

These bits are pulled up on our board, and are used for I2C comms.

All unused IO is configured to output Hi on our mating board.

I have not yet determined what is causing these bits to fail, but they either work fine and continue to work fine, or (in the case of the ones weve discovered) one or the other bit fails. The failure can be an inability to sink, a partial or full sink all the time, or no response at all.

We have used thousands of 3110s and have only seen a handful of bit failures, no recent code changes related to any port configuration. Has any one seen similar or have any insight? Any help on this puzzling issue is appreciated! :confused: