Redefining Etherlite 32 TTY devs on RH Ent AS 3?

Prior to updating my software to dgrp-1.7, I had been able to kludge the digi-created tty devs to a my own defined tty#, with some success. I’d have to do an ‘mv /dev/tty0100 /dev/my-tty’ and everything worked just fine until reboot or changing init levels.

Now, when trying to follow the same process, it recreates the ‘tty0100’ range tty device and renaming it gives me no connection whatsoever.

Any ideas on how to get around this? The digi created tty devs are not suitable for my sites use, as we have many too many other applications that use specifically defined logical devices (We’re moving from an HP 3000 with serial devices), so finding some method of doing this is a necessity.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Try creating a symlink:

ln -s /dev/tty0100 /dev/my-tty