Reflash XBee Mesh to Point-to-Point

I have a couple of older XBee radios, XBee Pro DigiMesh 900 P/N XBP09-DMWIT-156.
I wish to use them for point to point communication, rather than in a mesh.
Is it possible to reflash these to achieve point to point?

Hi picit,

it possible as point to multi-point try it

Yes, you can reflash the firmware under the “update” menu in XCTU. DM stands for DigiMesh, DP is for P2MP

Again, both below are not fully accurate. The XBP09-DMWIT-156 module is a Digi Mesh product. You can switch the firmware on it from the XBP09-DM (XBee PRO 900 Digi Mesh) to the XBP09-DP (Point to point/multi-point code) modem type.

You can also simply set the DL and DH of the module to match the SL and SH of the receiving module with either firmware thus telling the module to send the data to and only out the UART if the module that has the matching 64 bit address.