Tips for flashing xBee Pro 900HP OTA from Point to Multi-point to Mesh?

Hi we have a network of ~70 XBP9B-DPST-001. I am attempting to flash them over the air from Point to Multi-point (1075) to the Mesh firmware (8075). I’ve been able to get a few but most time out or fail.

They are within the 4 miles (6.5 km) range and I’m using a high gain antenna.

I can’t quite the network at the moment or access them physically. Is there anything else I can try to improve my chances?

Is there a way to push an over the air update through a repeater in point to multi-point mode?
Right now all my devices are set as a Router.


You can try setting the TO command to a value of 0x80. Then set the DL/DH on the base to the SL/DH of the farthest node you are trying to update.

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Does the TO command need to be set to 0x80 on both the base station and farthest node?

This helped. Able to get a few more flashed. Thank you.

yes it would