Remote Configuration in X-CTU v5.2.5.0 is missing

I have been following the 90001003_A.pdf documentation on X-CTU: Configuration & Test Utility Software, User’s Guide. And I’m trying to get access to the Remote Configuration, but for me it doesn’t exist after following the directions in Remote Modem Management chapter on page 14.

Here are a few screenshots to show what I am saying. First is to confirm what version of software I’m using:

Second image confirms communication with ZB device (XStick ZB to be specific) and that I have followed directions on checking Enable API:

Last image shows that there is no Remote Configuration item in the menu bar, yet I am using supported hardware:

So my question is this, where is my Remote Configuration in this application as documented in the User’s Guide or was it removed?

The same question. What happened to Remote configuration option?

I had the same problem, it took me a lot of googling to solve. I don’t know why the official version in the main site is outdated and points to this buggy release.

Get this one, it is version and has the remote configuration menu back:

Hope that helps.


New X-CTU version is available at the following link, .