Remote Program Update issue on BL4S100

I’m unable to get remote program update to work on the BL4S100 with the programming cable disconnected. I’m using BU_TEMP_USE_SBF to set the firmware storage location, and have commented out the STDIO_DEBUG_SERIAL, STDIO_DEBUG_BAUD and STDIO_DEBUG_ADDCR lines (which seem to cause problems when running XBee-enabled boards without the PROG/DIAG cable).

If I run the upload_firmware.c example while debugging (with PROG attached), upload a copy of the same firmware, and hit F9 after it’s exited, the new firmware boots fine.

If after installing the firmware in that manner I disconnect the PROG cable and restart the board, I’m unable to connect to the update HTTP server.

If I flash the firmware fresh to the board, disconnect PROG, upload new firmware (via the web interface), install and restart, I’m unable to connect to the HTTP server.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve solved my problems with RPU and figured I’d post the solution here.

I was using khbit() to allow termination of the program when debugging. This was freezing up the program if the firmware was flashed using either remote program update or the Rabbit Field Utility.

There was a post on the forums about using this to fix a problem when flashing with RFU from 2007 (I can’t find it now). I’m a little surprised whatever’s causing this hasn’t been fixed yet.

Regardless, it works great now!