Reprogramming over the network?

Thinking of using XBee XB programmable modules in an application – key question:

I know that the XBee ZB modules can be configured over the net. But – can user developed programs be updated over the network?

Or do I need to physically program each module if a bug is discovered during deployment of an application that might be using >>25 XBee XB Programmable modules?

Also -

  1. There don’t seem to be many posts here – how long have these modules been available?
  2. Does anyone have a sense of how many applications have actually been fielded using these modules?

Thanks all …

Did you get your answer?

The answer is yes, Over The Air! Without physical connection!

The only reason you really need to physically have access to the module is debugging your code.

Programming each could take awhile. It depends on the size of the compiled solution. An automated solution would help because it can be a pain to re-program multiple units OTA by using XCTU.