Restoring Realport after Failed Firmware Upgrade

A firmware upgrade failed and the device was rebooted. Now the Realport will not boot up and a 1 - 9 - 1 LED pattern is displayed. The LINK light is on and the ACT light is flashing but the Realport will not respond to pings.

I tried the hardware reset (holding the reset button while powering up, then releasing it when the 1 - 5 - 1 LED pattern flashes) but that did not solve the problem. Is there any way to restore the firmware on the device or gain access to it?

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The 9-1-1 error code is usually caused by a bad firmware upgrade.

Things to check before starting the User Diagnostics program:

  1. Check the dip switch and verify it is set to RS232 so you can access the unit through it’s serial port with a dumb terminal or PC running hyperterm.

  2. Make sure a crossover cable is connected between com port and Digi serial port.

  3. Check that the com port in the terminal program is set to 9600 N,8,1 and xon/xoff or none for flow control. HARDWARE flow control DOES NOT WORK for this procedure.

Starting the User Diagnostics program.

  1. Power cycle the Digione IA and watch the DIAG led it will display a solid red light at first. Once it blinks press the reset button and the v key once and wait 30-60 seconds you will see the screen below

---------------------------- User Diagnostics ----------------------------

m) Quick memory test (seconds). M) Long memory test (minutes).

h) ->Hardware diagnostic tests. V) Show VPD data.

  1. boot action=eewrite. 3) boot action=factory.

C) Restore OS from a TFTP server. P) Set PORT1 to 9600,8N1.

Enter choice (ESC to exit - User Diagnostics):

Select option C) restore OS from a TFTP server. NOTE: when selecting option C you must use a upper case C.

  1. Now you will be prompted for the file filename. NOTE: The User Diagnostics supports 8.3, so you will need to rename the firmware file from the our website to an 8.3 name format or it won’t work.

  2. Next, enter the IP and other network information for the DigiOne unit. Here is an example of what you might see (replace with actual filename/ip/etc.):

Settings initialized

Enter TFTP filename []: 82000770.bin
Enter IP address []:
Enter network mask []:
Enter network gateway []:

Hi michaelt, Thank you for the response.

I have a few questions,

Where can I find info on the DIP switch settings for my device. I’m not sure which is the DIP switch, but there are 3 jumper pins on the front, none of which are connected.

The crossover cable you mentioned, is that the same cable that is included with the device, that has a DB9 connector to the serial port on my PC and an RJ 45 connector to port 1 of the Digi Relport.

Where can I download the user diagnostics program. I checked under the Downloads section of the support web site but I couldn’t find it.

Thank you for your help.

As far as the DIP switches go, I’m not sure exactly which product you have. One way you can find that information out is to go to our support site ( and enter your product’s serial number there. It will take you to a page where you’ll be able to access the online documentation for that product, which will have a description of the DIP switches. If you have problems finding that information please let us know.

As for the User Diagnostics program, this is built into the hardware, and is accessed via the procedure I detailed in my earlier post. This is not a seperate software application.