Port Server TS 4 MEI firmware upgrade failed


When powering the ts4 i have the power led blinking one shot, then both link & act blinking one shot.

How to proceed to restore any firmware ?

I tried to cummunicate with port1 RS232 with PC but nothing happens.

You might try the suggestion under:
Restoring Realport after Failed Firmware Upgrade
Posted: Mar 11, 2004 1:39 PM
posted further down in this forum…
You never know. It worked for me.

Thank u for ur reply
In fact, before posting, i tried to communicate with the digi as explained in the post you mentioned, but nothing happens.

After powering the T/S, the power led does not light at all. No blinking… NOTHING.

Any idea ?

Without power, there is no chance of recovering the unit. Please contact Digi International to make repair arrangements for this unit.