Rocketport Conflicts?

I am trying to convert a customer to Digi from Rocketports. I have installed a Portserver 16 TS MEI and there appears to be a conflict. When the Portserver is installed, nothing works. I can uninstall the Portserver and the Rocketports work. I can uninstall the Rocketports and the Digi works.

Any suggestions would be really helpful since the customer has 8 Rocketports.

By “install the Portserver and there appears to be a conflict”, are you talking about installing the Realport driver software or just the hardware itself?

Reason I ask is because the Portserver TS16 MEI is a stand-alone product, i.e. driver is not necessary, and if only one or the other works without a driver being installed it sounds like there’s an IP address conflict between the hardware.

If you’re talking about the Realport driver, which can be used (though not required) with the Portserver TS16 MEI, the driver’s traffic is done on TCP port 771, so maybe that’s where the conflict is. If that’s the case, the driver/hardware can be modified to do Realport on a different TCP port.