router configuration in a mesh network

Hello, how can I configure the routers in a mesh network which address given to DH and DL to automatically communicates with other routers. thank you a lot

I have 50 routers to configure and 1 coordinators.

What do you mean by Communicate with other routers? The function of the DL and DH commands is to tell the module the Mac Address or 64 bit address of the Node in which you want the data to come out the UART of. So if you want it to go out the UART of all nodes, then you would set it to the broadcast address. Otherwise you would set it to the 64 bit address of who the data is for.

Thank you for your reply.
It is I put routers (DH distanation addresses and that of cordinateur DL). do the routing of data will be done automatically as a mesh network or not. thank you a lot

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