Router rejoining a network

I have three nodes Coordinator (C), Router 1 (R1) and Router 2 (R2). At the beginning, I communicated all of them putting near by each other successfully, later I create a “daisy chain” topology, which R2 connect to the PAN by R1 and R1 to C, and putting the communication many-to-one route, assigning AR = 3C (updating routing table each 6minutes) and it worked perfect. I receive in the both nodes Frame 0xA3 and my R2 send transmit request 0x10 and receive the ACK and when I disconnected R1 my router receive Network ACK Failure 0x21 in the ACK (it is ok because there is not path to communicate R2 to C). However, when I power up R1 again, the message is still same. It is like the R2 didn’t connect again with R1, though it is still receiving the Many-to-one frame 0xA3 from the coordinator (this is only once R1 is powered up again).

Anyone can help me


Try doing a Global network reset.

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Ok, but how my Coordinator knows when there is a new router enter to the network?

That is part of the Joining request and association process.

Thanks for the reply. The guide states to use that command when the network is small, which is my case. But if it is a big network, more than 40 devices, this case shouldn’t happen right? Since the router must to look other route to stablish connection and forgot the other node which had the previous connection

No, the coordinator is still used in this process to a point.

I think I didn’t explain me well. I know that there is a coordinator but my question is what happened when the network is much bigger than only 3 nodes (e.g 100 nodes) The only way that I can know a node joined it is putting JN = 1, but the guide states to only using this command when the network is small since it may collapse the network with broadcasting message. So, what can I do when I my network is bigger?


If API mode is used, then the nodes can output a packet indicating that the device joined. It can then send an announce packet to the coordinator providing what functions it can perform or the coordinator can send a packet to request what ZDO functions it has.

Let me see if I uderstood. If I want to know that a node joined, then I have to send a transmit request to the coordinator telling “Hey I’m joined to your network” (obviously not in that specific way, for instance a command). The coordinator will know it and it will restart the network so the others node can stablish communication with the new node.


No, it will not restart the network. Nor will it tell all of the other devices that a new device joined. If you want other devices to know it joined, you would have to send a message telling them.

Sorry, but I’m not see what I earn by sending a broadcast message (routers and end devices) that a new node has joined as the first propose was to reset the network so all the nodes could stablish their new connections or maybe, by sending this broadcast all the routes will be updated?


If you use a Zigbee sniffer, you will see what the difference is. It is considerably less traffic that is occurring.