Sarian DR6410-00A ADSL connection in bridge mode

I would like to setup old [t]rusty Sarian DR6410-00A router as ADSL bridge. My attempts to do that are miserably failed. I was able to setup router in ADSL router mode, but that’s all.

My setup: notebook connected to ETH1 port of router, phone line to DSL port. Firmware is latest available - 5177. Ethernet switch in port isolate mode. Config file excerpts:

eth 1 descr “Client [Bridge]”
eth 1 mask “”
eth 1 bridge ON

apvc 0 encap “bridgedeth_llc”
apvc 0 bridge ON
apvc 0 vpi 1
apvc 0 vci 40

adsl 0 watchdog OFF

ip 0 cidr ON

Notebook gets ip parameters successfully via DHCP. Whenever I run ping from Notebook to I see following:
Notebook issues ARP request. ARP request packet seen on ETH1 and PVC0 ports. ARP reply packet seen on PVC0 and thats all. It never gets to ETH1 port. I.e. bridge errorneously filter out ARP replies.

Is it known bug, or am I missed something in router setup?

Thank you.