Seeking howto set "low latency" via bootp for EL-162

I’am able to load successfully new FW via bootp/tftboot to the device,
but still need more detailed info about how to switch to low latency" via bootp.
The doku says:

There is one new bootp/dhcp vendor specific option for optimization:


This option takes a two byte value, in network byte order, 0 to
optimize for throughput and 1 to optimize for latency. For example,
in hexadecimal, the vendor option 08 02 00 01 optimizes for low

But how to create the according line in the bootptab ?
I tried: vm=0x08020001:
but without success. I can verify with network analyzer etheral that “Bootp vendor specific options” 08 02 00 01
are beeing sent with additional trailing bytes:
35 01 01 2b 0f 04 04 ac 1f 01 67 05 07 45 4c 2d 31 36 32 00 37 03 2b 01 03 ff
and 34 padding zero bytes.

But rlogin “ver” command still reveals “Optimize: throughput” What’s going wrong here ?

Any help very much appreciated !