Send & receive only work after X-CTU 'Modem Configuration>Read'


I’m sending information from my waspmote (using Xbee module) to the PC (using a waspmote USB gateway). However, I also want to send a ‘Tx packet’ from my PC (through Tcl code) and two things happening:

  1. I receive wrong characters in hyperterminal (waspmote gateway serial port).
  2. Tx packets send from my code aren’t received.

Without changing anything, just doing ‘Modem Configuration’>‘Read’ in the waspmote gateway port, in X-CTU, everything works succesfully. I supose the ‘hyperterminal’ configuration is correct and Tx packet well done.

Is it possible that the USB port is wrong configured and X-CTU configures it to ask for the antenna configuration? In that case, how can I reproduce it?

Thanks for your attention