Sensor sends every Minute "04 TX failure"

I have an XBee Module S2C from Digi, now i wanted to connect an Radio Sensor.

I see in the XCTU, that the Sensor see my XBee Module, but they can’t communicate between them because the Radiosensor sends every Minute this Message in the XCTU Serial Console back: 04 TX failure

What means that ? How can I fix that error?

who’s sensor are you working with? You most likely need to change the code on that 3rd party sensor to send data to the correct address.

thanks for your response. i try to connect an ZigBee HomeAutomation door sensor from bitronvideo ( on Page 2 are the Zone-Clusters described. But i don’t know how to get them to communicate. I searched a lot in the manual, but I can’t find pairing commands or something else. Do I understand what wrong?

That is part of the Light Link Profile. That is not something that the XBee would do natively. You need to add this function within your application and use the ZCL function to create Match descriptors if I recall.

Do you have examples (Frames, Codes,…) for this functions to send to the Sensor? Unfortunately, I really do not know how to continue

I work with the XCTU Program to test the communication between the XBees and the sensor

I am sorry but I don’t.