Serial data to Xbee to Rabbit board to PC

Hey guys,
I know it may sound easy but I am new to this community and I’m trying to learn how to use this platform.

I bought a development kit, it has a Rabbit BL4S100 with a development board, 2 Xbee modules with a RS232 output, Digi Xbee USB.

I want to connect my credit card reader, it sends serial data at 9600 baud rate via Rx and Tx.

I can read the credits card when I hook it up directly to the PC via Termite terminal. It shows the credit card number along some ASCII code.

Idealy I want to hook the reader to the Xbee module (end device) to the BL4S100 (router) to the Digi Xbee USB (coordinator) to be able to read the data on the PC wirelessly.
A bonus would be to be able to put it in the iDigi could system.

In the end I would just need to be able to swipe a card and receive the information on a terminal, all wirelessly.

I think I need to change the baud rate for all my devices to 9600, but after that I am not sure how to read the incoming information.

Any help would be highly appreciated ^^