Serial Port communication with a device

I would like to have clarified, a point about serial communication with devices attached to DIGI CONNECT ME.

The only example of how to go about performing such a communication seems to be the naserial Folder that came with the installation. This uses the SPI API and some files perhaps specific to the DIGI. My question is this:
Is it possible to bypass this API, and instead communicate with devices attached with the DIGI using simple, C program (where BIOS.h is included, and bioscom (0,settings,com1) is called set up the environment).

Is it wishful thinking ? Kindly let me know if you are aware of this issue.


I am not from Digi, but what they told me was that there is no SPI connection on the ConnectME (even though the documentation says that there is). We had to reengineer things because of this. If you want to talk to the port, open “/com/0” and use standard RS232 protocols.


Do you want to communicate using SPI (synchronous) or standard asynchronous comms?

If you want to use SPI you can do it quite easily by directly manipulating bits of the I/O port (I got about 250KHz clock rate without trying).

If you want to use asynchronous serial it’s simplest to use the standard file I/O routines (read, write etc) - they’re a bit inefficient in terms of processor time because of all the options and the file system overhead, but I’ve not found that to be a problem. If you really need to go fast you should probably be looking at direct I/O to the serial port registers.


Would you please tell in detail ,how i could make use of SPI in Connect ME.
It seems that the SPI has been internally used by connect ME and hence I have no option to access it.