Server 2012 R2 Handle Leak on "DgAwEncx.exe"

VMware Virtual Hardware: V8
OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacentre
Driver Version: 3.80.200
Device: AnywhereUSB/2
Os Patched with only security and critical updates (100 applied, 160 outstanding)

The usb device is a “SafeNet Inc USB key” and does function correctly.

Around every 10 seconds the “DgAwEncx.exe” process creates around 5 handles to the registry within the following key:-

These handles are never closed leaving me with a bit of a time bomb.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Does anyone have any ideas how to resolve it?

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This looks like a possible bug. I recommend reaching out to Digi Technical Support.

Meanwhile, a possible workaround is to stop encryption within the driver in Windows Service Manager, then change it so it won’t auto-start.

Digi is looking into this issue. If/when I have more information, I’ll try to post an update here.

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Was this issue ever resolved?

Yes, the fix was included in a newer (at the time) AWUSB driver v3.82. Any newer driver since (such as v3.99 which was just released) should also not have this issue.