Service Status change in DRM

How do I change the service status of devices in Digi Remote Manager.


Service status in DRM is by default set as “maintenance window”. While in this status, you can configure the device via automations, that means that you can do anything on the device with DRM.
Then, if you want, you can actually configure specific maintenance windows, in this case, then, it will have a different service status like “in service” when it is outside of these windows. If you want to see more details about how to configure this, please check here: Schedule system maintenance tasks.

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Digi Tech Support

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I followed the link but the document does not match Digi Remote Manager that I am in. I do not show a system maintenance tab in the settings / system / system properties tab so not sure where it is on the version I am in.

I believe what you are looking for is found in the Automation area. Management > Automation

@ecervant, could you please include a screenshot of where you’re seeing the service status you’d like to change?

In the Digi Remote Manager Dashboard under Management/Devices

In this case, my colleague @Anny’s answer was correct. The reason you don’t find this configuration setting on your own device is because your device uses the SarOS (since its a TransPort WR31).

The In Maintenance Window option is one that can be configured on DAL OS devices like the IX30: