Setting up XStick as coordinator

I have recently purchased two XBee S2C (TH) modules and an XStick1 802.15.4. I’m trying to set up the XStick as the coordinator and the two modules as routers to complete the “Getting Started” Knight Rider example that comes with the Digi CW SDK.

Nothing I try seems to be working, and I looked at the specs on the Digi site ( The 802.15.4 model does not say it supports the Zigbee/Mesh network topology; does that mean that this model of the XStick cannot be used as an XBee coordinator?

If it -can- be used as the coordinator, what do I really need to do to set it up as such? I have put it in XCTU, I’ve set the CE parameter to 1, and I’ve tried different values for the A1/A2 Endpoint/Coordinator Association parameters, but I haven’t noticed any difference. Regardless of what I do, the XBee in the dev board starts up and turns on all 4 LEDs and nothing else happens.

They are not going to function that way. The 802.15.4 protocol does not have a Router function. The 802.15.4 protocol is a Peer to peer, point to point, point to multi-point protocol.

Not to mention the directions you are reading is for a Zigbee mesh module and not an 802.15.4 product. Oh that these steps are for the Programmable versions and not the standard modules.

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Great, thank you! I do have the programmable XBee modules, but does this mean I need the XStick Zigbee (XU-Z11) to set up the network?

Either that or another Non programmable S2C module to act as the coordinator.