XStick does not discover nodes

I bought an Xstick ZB and it is currently set as the coordinator for the xbee network. We have a zigbee device (2d2c’s safeplug) that we are attempting to get it to join the network but it is not working. The coordinator is set to scan all channels and to accept joins at any time. When I do a node discovery the only device I get back is itself.

Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks!

I had this problem as well. The routers are using a different network PAN id etc. This is what support told me to do:

“both modules need to have the same ID, OP and OI for them to communicate. To resolve the issue, I would suggest issuing a local network reset (ATNR0) on your Router. This will allow the router to drop its current network and join the coordinator on the correct network.”

I think I simply had to use xctu to issue this command while the coordinator is connected to the USB port and all the routers reset. I don’t remember, I might have had to do each router individually by putting them into a Sparkfun explorer which I plugged into the USB port.

Good Luck, worked for me.

Thanks for the information, I’ll give that a shot. On the 2D2C coordinator there’s an option through the web interface to dissolve the network (which I assume is doing what you’re telling me to do) but that didn’t work.

I don’t really know the 2d2c product, but if it is SmartEnergy, then it uses ZigBee as transport but you need more higher level firmware to make this work (Digi does have an XStick SE).

If the 2d2c is really a basic ‘ZigBee’, then you need to set the XStick ZS setting to 2, not 0.

lynnl, thanks.

I changed the XStick from a coordinator to a router and I was able to join the network when I had the 2d2c coordinator running. When I try to use the xstick as the coordinator, though, when I reset the 2d2c safeplugs while continually issuing a ND from the xstick, I get a command response with a status of 4. Do you know if that’s the Xstick saying that there was a Tx failure or if it’s the devices that are trying to join the network?