Setting ZigBee network

Hello There is a need to configure the following network: a receiver (XBee-USB adapter + XBP24BZ7-WITB003) and three sensor transmitter (Arduino Uno + IO Shield for Arduino [v5] + pair of sensors + XBP24BZ7-WITB003).
For a start I would like to set up 2 modules. That is to transmit data to the Arduino (such as the time elapsed from the start of the controller) on a PC.

As I understand it, you first need to configure the modules accordingly. Tune with the X-CTU. Module is connected via USB-adapter and trying to make a test request. My unit is programmable, so it has its own peculiarities. One of them - it’s bootloader. While I did not choose the appropriate item in the terminal bootloader menu (‘B’ - to incl. Operation with the module), then I would not be able to flash or to use it.
I did a test request and did not get what I expected. Although the module is written XBP24BZ7, but the X-CTU somehow he identified as XBP24BSE.

I tried to configure the module as seen in the picture.

Since the modules should be included in the first mode of operation, the program for the Arduino to by the main program, I am sending an additional connection for the TV series character ‘B’, to switch on. module. Not sure that this method works.

boolean b = 1;
void setup ()

Serial.begin (9600);

void loop ()
if (b) {
Serial.println (‘s’);
delay (500);
Serial.println (‘B’);
delay (500);
b = 0;

Serial.println (millis ());
delay (1000);

I also did not understand why there is a jumper on the Shield (which I highlighted in red in the figure). I put it in position 485. I do not know what that means. There still is APC.
In theory I should get the data to the com port that is connected to usb adapter. Nothing happens.

You ask for a lot of info - but one thing to remember is that the coordinator & all routers need to have their SN/Sp set correctly or your sleeping devcies will appear brain-dead :slight_smile: