Settings for L/T sensor? [Solved]

My L/T sensor stopped working. I upgraded the firmware to latest version, but I am not sure that all the parameters are set correctly. Could anyone give me the correct parameter set to make it work?

Still not working. The sensor joins the mesh, but the LED on the sensor keeps blinking with a frequency of about 1 – 1.5 Hz. The network address in ‘green_getting_started.yml’ is correct, the iDigi framwork is updated to 1.3.8, the wallrouter is reporting as expected.

Sensor settings dumped from X4:


I stumbled upon this thread in another category, the problem seemed a bit similar to mine so I tried the solution; deleted dia.pyr and rebooting, then it all works as expected again.

Clearly an unexpected solution. I had guessed that some setting in the sensor device was wrong.