Signal Strength on ZB Pro

Hi all,

I am looking for a simple way to read the signal level for a remote device ; with Xbee pro serie 2 module.
I know that exists the PWM signal as a RSSI image on the 6th pin of the the Zigbee module, but I have not the capability to fix a “add-on hardware”.

I read on the manual that the AT-DB command can be help me, but I use only API mode.

So, how can I create an API packet to transmit an ATDB command? How it works? (AT command request from coordinator to device and response from the remote device by packet ?)

Does it works with end-device and router device (as remote) ?

Can you help me ? How can I obtain the signal strength information ?


I didn’t try it myself with the ATDB command, but you can send a remote AT command request. I set pins remotely before and it worked it is the same principle look at P96 90000976_D manual. And i also think the firmware version is important. It didn’t work with the older version. Currently using xbp24-zb ver2164 coordinator and xbp24-zb ver2964 end device.Series 2 pro.