Silent install of Digi Real Port Drivers not working

I’ve been trying to automate the installation of the real port drivers on windows 2008 R2 using the /examine option on a successful manual install to create the setup.exe command line needed to do the silent install.

When I try to run the command, I get the following error:-

An error was encountered while preparing Setup64: Invalid or unrecognised command line argument. The argument, " /install /ip=w.x.y.z /numports=16 /firstport=COM3 /skipquery" is not recognised by this program.

I’ve seen the same error using v372 and the latest v373 drivers.

Originally the command generated by /examine was very long with 16 sets of settings, one for each port. I’ve tried to reduce it to the minimum needed, however nothing seems to work.

Any help would be appreciated.




I just ran the following command…

setup /install /ip= /numports=16 /firstport=COM3 /skipquery

… and did not see the issue that you reported. Are you just running “setup” like I am, followed by those arguments?