Simulate RX (Receive) Packet: 64-bit Address IO

I we have created a product that receives I/O line changes from a remote XBee module, this is all working fine. However during manufacturing we would like to test that the receiver is operational and hence would like to simulate the remote XBee module sending RX (Receive) Packet: 64-bit Address IO (0x82) packets, is there any way to do this via the API, there is the command to TX (Transmit) Request: 64-bit address (0x00), but it would be great if there was a TX (Transmit) Request: 64-bit Address IO?

Note: We are using API Framing = 2. If API Framing = 0 you can simulate these packets as they are directly sent, but with API framing on this cannot be done.

I am not an 802.15.4 expert - not even sure what you want. But I asked someone who knows 802.15.4 and they said to look at this page:

If this doesn’t answer your question, given you are an XBee customer, check with your sales channel to obtain some direct advice from Digi.