XBee Series 1 - API mode: sent Tx64 request, received Rx16Indicator, WHY?


I’m testing my XBee modules in API mode and have a question that bugs me this whole day already:

I thought that when I send a Tx64 request, I would receive a Rx64 Indicator on the other end. But no, I received a Rx16 Indicator instead. Why is this happening? And how can I receive Rx64 indicator? Please help!

Thanks in advance!

You need to use 64 bit addressing all around to get a 64 bit TX status or Rx packet.

It annoys me for a long time also, and just found the answer today! I actually registered this account on Digi forum to post the answer.

You need to put 0xFFFF in the MY(16-bit source address) to disable reception of 16-bit addressed packet. In default, no matter 16/64 address packet has been sent, it always converted it to 16-bit packet for some reason like simplicity.

That’s correct.