slow download ethernet to wifi bridge

I am using a connect core 6 ul sbc pro and configured it as a wireless to ethernet bridge as described in this article:
I use a static IP address and the subnet mask I can connect to the wlan of the connectcore, but when I try to download data over the bridge it is very slow (200kb/s) or the download does not start at all. When I copy the files over the second ethernet port, which i also defined as part of the Bridge the speed is good.
So I think the problem is related to the wlan.

Does anyon has experience with this problem?

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you are using concurrent modes, which affect performance a lot.

you should disable the concurrent modes (use wlan0 only, not wlan0 + wlan1) and do the setup with wlan0.

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Yes thank you, that helped.
The support also gave me the hint to disable the p2p network interface.
Now i have good download speeds.