SMS on Digi Transport


I would like to know if it´s possible to send SMS with the Digi Transport family routers receiving AT commands from the serial port.

I have another question from other customer regarding the VPN configuration on the Digi Transport family:

" I am interested in a GPRS modem-router that supports a large number of VPN tunnels and above all need to know how it behaves at the loss of one of the tunnels, if the modem-router is reset automatically as others market models or not and losing all the conections."

I have never tested the Sarian routers. Can anybody help me?

You can send commands to routers via SMS and receive some notifications it is kind of “reconfiguritng” option.
if you want to monitor serial port activity try “reverse” tenet feature instead


Yes, you can sms from and to the transport range as you can to any device powered by saros. The application note below will show you how to do this:

It is possible to build vpn to the and from a sarian to a wide range of other devices and clients. It depends what you call a large number of tunnels as we have head end devices that can handle up to 3000 tunnels and then remote one port wireless devices that are unlikely to need more than a couple of vpns but will do approx 20-50 vpns.