SNMP - Remote Management


I’m having problems setting up a WR44 for remote monitoring and management by our network management software Solarwinds Orion NPM.

I enabled SNMPv2c using default UDP port 161 under Configuration > Remote Management > SNMP and created SNMP User 0 with community public and ro access. I also created SNMP User 1 with community private and rw access. However, when I try and test access using either community string the connection fails.

Thank you for any help provided.


Hi Jeff,
SNMP configuration is described in tech document QN17 on this page: WR44 support page

If the connection from Orion is still failing, I’ll need to see the debug.txt file from the router which you can download using an FTP client. Please email the debug.txt to and I’ll take a look at it to determine the issue.

Please put ‘FAO:Ben - SNMP issue’ as the email subject.



1st tell me which type of remote concoction you use that i solve your problem because if you using any software that is problem…

send following information