SSH password-less key-based certificate authentication to PortServer TS 16


I have several PortServer TS 16 units that I am looking to have a program automatically login via SSH using certificate/key-based authentication and run commands / pull information. Limitations prevent me from automating password input, so I would like to use the public key feature.

I’ve successfully generated and uploaded a 1024-bit RSA public key using the web interface (it states that it accepted it, and I can see the key in the user’s properties in the web console.). When attempting to log in via SSH, it is still asking for a password. I have tried creating a user account with no password, and unchecking the ‘require a password to login’ under the user settings.

First question, is this type of connectivity even supported? (password-less ssh authentication using only public keys) If yes, then, any idea what I may be doing wrong?

The specific unit I am working on:
PortServer TS 16 Rack
Version 82001249_A1 02.07.2006

Thank you for any guidance.