Static IP address and subnet mask problem

I am developing the product using DevelopmentKit.
When the following IP address was set up, it became impossible to start ConnectMe.

If a right end value is set as 255, ConnectMe will not start.

Moreover, fault also with an equivalent subnet mask was found.

If the above-mentioned set point is performed and a subnet mask and an IP address will not be rewritten using a serial terminal, it becomes impossible to start ConnectMe.

I want you to show the value of the IP address subnet mask which cannot be set up by ConnectME.

What is it that you are trying to accomplish here? is a broadcast address and is not, as I understand TCP/IP, a valid host address.


I have not made an issue of the fact that global IP cannot communicate.
A set point of global IP is making an issue of the fact that it becomes impossible to start CONNECTME.
In our company, when changing IP, the hyper-terminal is not used.
The original serial communication program of our company is used.
A set point of global IP will not start the original serial communication program of our company.
It becomes impossible therefore, to return IP.

I want you to exhibit all of the IP address and subnet mask it becomes impossible to start CONNECTME.


Any valid host address should be fine. Any valid netmask should be fine as well. The address you were spefifying earlier,, is not a valid host address.

If you are working with NET+OS 6.3 there is a #define, in bsp.h that you can modify that allow the applicationStart function to be called, whether or not the stak has been configured. in src/bsp/platforms/$(PLATFORM)/bsp.h you will see a #define for BSP_WAIT_FOR_IP_CONFIG; change this define to FALSE. You will then have to, within you application, sit in a while() loop waiting for a successful return from the function customizeAceGetInterfaceAddrInfo(). This is spelled out in the comments in this file.

With the above modification done your applicationm will begin execution regardless of the TCP/IP configuration. You can then insert logic by which to recover from a case in which a user assigns an invalid address, although it would be best to validate this information up front, i.e. via your user interface.


Thank you, Cameron.
My NET-OS is a version 6.0.
Although upgrade is desired, I want you to teach a method.


As Cameron stated, is invalid. The ConnectME shouldn’t come up… You’re not initializing the IP stack correctly. You can set it up to come up in Auto-IP if you don’t have a DHCP server, or make modifications to the BSP startup code to bypass the waiting for the stack (if you do this, and want network, you’re application will have to startup the stack later).
We have developed the ConnectME in 4 products, 1 being the main processor (everything is controlled via I2C). Our customers don’t have DHCP, so we have created other ways around this. It is doable.