Strategy for polling routers vs. auto send to Coord.

I’m successfully using 2 Xbee s2 radios to record remote temperature data.
Using Python on a BBB (Beaglebone Black).

I’m about to add a second router with a few more sensors.

  1. I’m unsure (as of yet) how I will identify data coming from either router. Yes, its sending its unique ID - I’ll have to hardcode that info. It would be nice if that ASCII Device string would be sent (ie. “Remote1”, “Remote2”, etc.) but its not in the x’7E’ packet. No biggie, either way.

  2. But it made me think that maybe I could POLL each device to get the sensor data. Then I’d have control over what packets I’m expecting.

  3. OK, if I poll, then how does a motion sensor trigger an alarm? Since I have an extra input (or two) out at my device, it seems cool to add a motion and/or magnetic alarm switch for added security.
    If I’ve written my program to only poll every 2 minutes for temperature, then how do I incorporate the ability to immediately trigger an alarm?

Sorry, I don’t know what I don’t know… about the capabilities of the XBees.
If I need to get another XBee model, I wouldn’t mind that. They are cheap.

Try using the Change detect feature with the DIO line function. That is the IC command. It will allow you to set a bit mask as to which lines you want the IO change detect function to monitor.