Student : trying to setup a xbee network


I’m a student and trying to setup a systeem with xbee Znet 2.5. i dont have much experience with xbee modules or any other kind of wireless modules.

shot description of the setup i want :
its a system with serveral xbee modules. i want to setup 1 module as coordinator,connected to a pc, and serveral modules placed on random spots in a house with some sensors and actors attacted.

I have a few questions about how to build the api messages. I dont have the modules yet to test, so i’m doing everyting with the documentation/forums for now. problem is that when i place a new modules in my house, it has to get some sort of indentification(DL or NI?). so i have to have some api command/frame to set a new ID to the new module so i can send data to it.

2.when thats done, i need a api frame to set pins of the xbee to high and low to control the actors.

i tryed to create the message with the documentation, but its very hard for me

i hope someone can help me with this issue